"It's Like Having Lightbulb Moments..."

“Discover The Secrets You Need To Know To Become A Smarter, More Profitable Email Marketer!"


Secrets that will get you that kind of responses from your subscribers…

And potentially make you that kind of commissions…

My dear frustrated email marketer,

By now… you've realized that you need a good list to make this online marketing thing work for you.

After reading countless articles and listening to ‘expert’ advice, you know of the people creating a small fortune with their lists and email marketing.

So you finally decide to have a go at building a list of your own...

After all, how hard can it be!?

Then it happens, you think you know everything there is to know and have followed all the advice to the letter…

…you send out email after email

…you promote product after product

…and you still aren’t able to make a profit.


How Long Will It Take Until You Leave The Sinking Ship And Give Up?

So, what could have gone wrong?

  • You spend all the time and money to build your list… this part is working, but you just can’t sell them anything…
  • You got to the point where you just wanted to stop mailing your list, because you didn’t see results anyways…
  • You started feeling depressed and exhausted, thinking that this email marketing thing might not be for you…
  • You are envious by the success other people have just by sending out some text and links…

If any of the situations above resonates with you…

You are definitely not alone.

How I Used To Suck At Email Marketing…

As I got started online, I kept hearing “The money is in the list”.

It seemed as if you simply had to set up a squeeze page, buy some solo ads to build an email list, promote some offers and the money will come flying into your hands… just like that.

Oh boy was the reality shattering…

Ultimately the process I went through was this:

1. I’d be looking for a ‘proven to convert’ offer I wanted to promote.

2. I’d open up my autoresponder.

3. I’d crank out, what I thought would be, the best email I have ever written. Talking about the features and benefits and how this product was going to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

4. I’d hit ‘send’.

5. And then kept refreshing my email inbox, but...



I was hoping for a sale to trickle in...

...just to realize that I haven’t made any commissions again.

Each email I sent was a total failure.

I had the list… but where was the money?

Even though I was dedicated to make this happen… I felt desperate.

It was devastating.

I was on the edge of giving up.

I felt like there was A LOT of secrets being left out…

Groundbreaking secrets that made the difference between success and failure…


I knew that I had to do something.

There was no way others were able to find success, but I couldn’t.

I went all in…

…and paid thousands for coaching…

…group coaching and 1on1 coaching…

…I’ve bought product after product…

…and cherry picked all the secrets that people (including me) were generally doing wrong with list building and email marketing…



19 Super Profitable List Building & Email Marketing Secrets, Compiled Into The Ultimate Guide To Build Highly Responsive Email Lists Just Like A Pro!

Here is what you will find inside:

  • Secret 1: The number one ‘Secret’ that’s going to catapult your sales and profits with emails. (This is so overlooked and so simple to do)
  • Secret 2: The key thing that you must ignore if you want to stop having headaches and nightmares in your business. (And why ignoring this can actually be a good thing)
  • Secret 3: Why _______ do not equal _______. (SO many people get this wrong…)
  • Secret 4: A crucial thing you MUST do with EVERY email you send. (This will save you SO much time)
  • Secret 5: The super easy, yet so powerful method offline and online businesses have used to make millions and how you can too. (This will accelerate your profits once you realize how simple this is…)
  • Secret 6: A surefire way demolish your writers block once and for all… (You will be super motivated and always know what to write)
  • Secret 7: A super, super, super important fact that you MUST know. (Many will ignore this Secret, please do not be one of them…)
  • Secret 8: The one little secret that gets 30% more opens on your emails. (You’ll be like “DUH!” when you find out about this, but it’s actually the best way to get 30% more opens)
  • Secret 9: How to become irresistible and easily build instant trust with your subscribers. (97% of internet marketers don’t know about this… do you?)
  • Secret 10: The one thing you absolutely must stop doing immediately. (Every time I see people doing this, I think they’re trying too hard…)
  • Secret 11: The essential secret that will ensure to keep more people on your list. (Why aren’t people doing this more often…?)
  • Secret 12: Apply this secret when selling a product and watch your sales go up. (Not many people do this – and it works like magic…)
  • Secret 13: A simple way to prevent people to become annoyed right at the beginning. (If you don’t do this, less people will open your first email…)
  • Secret 14: How to motivate and inspire your readers to click on your link, buy your product, or whatever it is you want them to do. (People will love to buy stuff, especially when you do this…)
  • Secret 15: The easiest way to improve the clarity of your writing. (Use this resource and thank me later…)
  • Secret 16: The best way to boost your conversions with a simple formula. (Maximize your sales and ultimately your profits with this…)
  • Secret 17: The easiest way to make more sales EVERY highly successful email marketer knows that you don't - but when you do know, that little light bulb will burn so bright you'll blind your competition. (This is how so called “nobodies” dominate leaderboards full of big dogs!)
  • Secret 18: How to radically improve your overall conversion rates, create higher “expectations” in the mind of your subscriber, eradicate the problem of people giving you fake email addresses, build more trust and spend less money on traffic because of the higher conversions. (This is no rocket science, but are you doing it? Or are you just following the herd and doing what everyone else is doing?)
  • Secret 19: Supercharge your promotions with this INCREDIBLY SIMPLE but SUPER POWERFUL proof builder. (This creates immediate trust with your subscribers and they are going to be SO thankful for it…)

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Even if you only apply just one of the 19 secrets, it is going to pay off big time over and over again.

And having these secrets in your marketing arsenal will ultimately lead to more success as you can always come back and implement more secrets, one by one…

Would you agree that for being able to boost conversions and sales, build instant trust, get more opens and ultimately increase your overall email marketing profits, I could easily charge you $97 for this?
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Here is what you are going to learn in this micro report:

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  • It’s all about the _______.

You can call me crazy… but…

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Read it. Absorb. Apply it to your business. Observe the results.


Here is what you should do right now:

1. Decide you’re not going to waste another day struggling to make email marketing work for you.

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Robert Herdt

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